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With a double digit GDP growth exceeding over the last 10 years, Cambodia’s economic growth is among the highest in South East Asia. The World Bank forecasts Cambodia will continue to have one of the highest growth rates among developing nations in the region. Cambodia now has trading agreements with an increasing number of countries worldwide and bilateral trade between Cambodia and neighboring countries is almost double only over the last two years.

As an emerging market, it is important to note that economic growth has increased dramatically over the last 5 years, with an average of close to 10% per year. With the “Open Skies Policy” now, more international airlines will be flying directly in Cambodia, with that comes the investment opportunities, especially now with the Cambodia Stock Exchange in place.

This will undoubtedly offer a unique and challenging business opportunity for local and foreign investors interested in capturing a share of the market today. A strong local presence and in-depth industry knowledge is the key factor to success, thus avoiding navigating through maze of trial and errors that can significantly reduce the hassle and expensive costs and lessons learnt.

Aplus Consulting, a division within Aplus Asia Network Co. Ltd., having noticed this trend has set up a regional presence in Cambodia with our office in Phnom Penh. With key association with public listed companies within the Asia Pacific region and international partnerships with PKF in corporate finance, accounting, business & investment advisory, the results are a strong strategic alliance with industry players, investment analysts, economists and business leaders as well as relationships at all levels of government.

Ultimately the goal is to provide the crucial support services and management consulting advice to ensure that the owners /investors have first-hand knowledge of the industry and remain in close contact with their investments.

Products & Services

Decision Making Support Services
In exploring a new venture, one has to first determine if this is the ‘right’ choice. A series of criteria must be met to ascertain a ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ In many cases a comparative analysis of the South East Asian neighbors including Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, even Myanmar and Laos may be important information to justify your decision.

In addition issues such as Industry Knowledge, Sales and Marketing, Taxation, Human Resources, Legal Regulations, Intellectual Property Rights, Information Technology, Telecommunications, must be carefully evaluated to protect your investment.

Creative and comprehensive advice and consultation are available to companies planning to enter or investing in Cambodia in every aspects of the industry to make your decisions easier.

Introductory Services
• Introduction to the industry with an emphasis on the market development, creating awareness and penetration.
• Access to potential and existing business partners, network contacts, which include in this case access to vital information, logistics and procurement.

Business Development Services
• Market entry strategy
• Market intelligence
• Industry sector analysis

Business/Project Advancement
• Business Feasibility Study
• Selecting Business Venture Partners
• Strategic Alliances and Licensing
• Negotiation & Professional Advice

Sectors with strong capabilities for fact finding and business development
• Infrastructure Development & Construction
• Information Technology and Telecommunications
• Manufacturing, Production & Export Processing Zones
• Investment Licenses & Government Incentives
• Enterprise Software & Hardware Integration
• Hospitality & Tourism Development
• Electrical & Electronics
• Health & Medical Care & Supplies
• Property & Industrial Development
• Power Generation & Petrochemicals
• Livestock, Agriculture and Aquaculture
• Consumer Goods and Services
• Outsourcing & Professional Services

Action & Approach

How We Work for You
We establish a professional relationship with you when you and Aplus Consulting agree on the opportunity to be seized, our respective working parameters, under a contractual agreement of a fixed and or flexible period.

We work with you to establish that relationship. After your opportunity or challenge is clearly identified, we draft a proposal for your review, and modification as needed. A consulting contract with scope of duties and responsibilities will be developed that in simple English will state clear parameters, objectives and costs.

Our consulting philosophy emphasizes the direct involvement of our clients’ management and staff personnel. Depending upon the project and your needs, our services can include follow-up reports, on-going support, and training.

We work with you from an agreed business plan. This is intended as a dynamic document. The scope and scale of work in the frontier, requires reasonable flexibility. When you and we agree on the terms of the proposal, to include obligations, responsibilities, schedule of work, and fees, our professional relationship is formed and Aplus Consulting begins to work for and with you.

Financial Costs
Aplus Consulting works with you to establish a unique relationship after your opportunity or challenge is clearly identified. Our consulting philosophy emphasizes the direct involvement of our clients’ management and staff personnel. Depending upon the project and your needs, our services can include follow-up reports, ongoing support, and training.

When all parameters and scope of work is identified, obligations, responsibilities and schedule of work, retainer fees are than payable, with a standard one month deposit and one month in advance for project over a minimum period of six months to a maximum of two years.

Market Analysis, Market Research & Business Intelligence
Accuracy is our goal to establish reliable data to describe the market as a decision-making tool. We use quantitative and qualitative market research methods. Logistically this means coordinating teams of domestic and expatriate interviewers to ask uniform questions and then analyze and report on our findings to the owners.

It is our pleasure and privilege to consider working with you in this dynamic and lucrative market. Aplus and our associates have broad experience with Market Research Surveys. There are many approaches to this field. We will be pleased to consider the approach you desire, and/or offer our own when we learn more about the intended project and the targets of interest.

The market knowledge activities of Aplus and our associates cover a wide range of industries. The challenge of the work of our team in this area is to establish reliable data to describe the market as a decision-making tool.

Development of Strategic Plan for Market Entry
Led by Mr. Eric Lim, an industry expert in the communications market, strategically focused in the fields of business process reengineering (BPR), is also a media market analyst, established trainer, accomplished public speaker, foreign investment (FDI) consultant and very result oriented. Aplus Consulting combines foreign expatriates with local expertise that has significant management expertise in Cambodia.

As former Consultant to the United Nations Development Program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Jakarta, Indonesia and Project Advisor to the SENATE of the Kingdom of Cambodia, he leads Aplus and combines the substantial consulting and operations experience of our principals, with the skills of our many resources, to help establish a solid foundation for a developing business.

We analyze your objectives and resources, and then develop with you a workable plan to achieve your goals.

Failing to plan for the long term, going through lengthy trials and errors are mistakes that few large companies make. Yet in this industry, where matters are sometimes planned 10 years out as a matter of routine, few investors show an understanding of the business culture here to differentiate between strategic and tactical planning.

Aplus Consulting strengths include the ability to assist in this vital area by avoiding costly mistakes and fast tracking your business opportunities with significant in-depth knowledge of the business and investment industry.

Research and Feasibility Analysis
Our research over the years and across industry lines will be valuable to your early decision- making and planning. While we can build upon our existing data base, most projects require that we undertake a new study in each case.

To meet the requirements of local authorities and to memorialize at the outset the parameters expected of your local business, we work with you or on your behalf to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the local market, product acceptance, invested equipment and technology needs, staff requirements, site locations, design engineering and more. With your guidance, we draft the report to support a new proposal or a bid on an existing project.

Investment Opportunities Found; Challenges Resolved
Our staff is available on a project bases, no matter how large or small, to help you complete your task cost-effectively and expeditiously.

We do not usually take on many personal matters, but will when appropriate. Some clients merely seek information on new or old projects. If we have an established professional relationship with you, it is a simple matter of reviewing our database and making a few personal visits.

It is a task willingly undertaken for new clients as well with introductions to potential and strategic business partners in the emerging industry.

Coordination with Professional Firms
We have the ability to undertake your project or that of your client with a working knowledge and understanding of how to protect your professional relationships.

If you have an existing relationship with a client or firm (management company), we will both protect and respect that important alliance by working with you as your personal consultant or as the Owner’s Representative.

We can establish a professional association between our respective parties to provide assistance to you that will enhance both your cost-effectiveness and bottom line results.
Some of the specific business and investment consulting services we provide include:
• Market Research Survey and Analysis
• Development of a Strategic Plan for Entry into these markets
• Project Development and Management
• Client Representation: Negotiations, Drafting, and Government Work
• Business Networking Partners

In summary, Aplus Consulting, together with our partners and associates, can provide you better guidance with an edge over competitors as in our 3S Corporate Culture and policy. Serve, Strengthen & Secure.